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Our new Hostel :)

I've moved to the harbour!

semi-overcast 21 °C

The view from the new hostel :)

Since last post I've been out partying with my new Norwegian friends :).. Had a great time!
I've also have been on a football (soccer) game and saw Australia against Paraguay. It was amazing! People sat with beers on their seats and when Australia scored it was raining beer from happy fans!
I got a seat on the Aussie side and got the amazing feeling to be on a match down here!.. It was actually Australia's last home game for the next 6-7 months at least. So it was a perfect timing.
Australia won the game with 1-0 and everyone in the city was happy, or except from the fans from Paraguay :p

On sunday me and two girls from Tronheim, Trine and Silje moved to another hostel at The Rocks. Near the Harbour Bridge and the Opera House :).. So yesterday we spent the whole day at the rooftop in the sun :D.. And here it also was shower and toilet inside the room instead of going a long, long way out of the room. It was much more quiet here and it was more clean. We ended the day watching some movies in the TV-lounge.
One more thing: We met some Norwegian at the new hostel as well. They had been here for a long time, and were at the Bicycle World Championship and they watched Thor Hushovd won the gold for Norway :)

Today I waked up early and went to the store to buy food, so now I've got food for the rest of the week. I actually ate an Aussie burger for breakfast today, very good actually!
I also have been to the office to book my Surf-camp and I will be living next monday :)

Tomorrow I'm going on a RSA course. That's a course you need the sell alcohol in Australia. In a bar, Restaurant or a cafe.

Sydney is very beautiful, but It's big and it's a lot of people here. And also a lot of brides who are getting married here! The weather isn't to good, but it's better than in Norway :p.. It's very windy here, but also some sun. And it's about 20-25 degrees every day.
I also saw some spiders on Friday in the Botanic garden :p.. It was hairy and very small, almost didn't see them in the Bamboo-trees.

Now I don't now what's next, but first it's back to the Hostel.

From day 2 :) Marianne, me and Camilla!

see ya :)

- Andy -

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Arrived "down under" :D

After a long trip I've finally arrived in Sydney yesterday :)

semi-overcast 17 °C

Trine, Silje, Benedicte, me and Jonas at one of the towers of the Harbour Bridge

Trine, Silje, Benedicte, me and Jonas at one of the towers of the Harbour Bridge

The trip started off very badly. Right before I went from my apartment I cut one of my fingers badly on a broken mirror. I then had to go to the doctor and fix it fast. It was around 20-25 people in the waiting room, but since I had a flight to catch I got in front of everyone :).. After 15 minutes at the doctor I finally was ready to take off :)
I made the flight and in Brussel (Belgium) the guys I travelled with song me the birthday song :)
In Abu Dhabi I was asked to wait one day because the flight was overbooked. Then I would have get a free night at a hotel and $300, but since I travelled with a program I couldn't do that.

When we finally arrived in Sydney wednesday around 8 AM (local time) we went to the hotel and got our room at noon. the custom control went well btw. :p.. then we went out to discover the great city of Sydney. Saw the Opera-house, Harbour Bridge and the Darling Harbour and also took the monorail :)
I also went to a bar called Scubar (It's right next to the hostel we are living in so far (5-star hostel)
Here I actually meet some Norwegian girls who just have finished their exams. Me and one of the girls (Hege) was in a competition and we also won it :D "The Norwegian Dream-team" ;)

I actually feel like I'm home already :D

Today I've been on an info-meeting and I've fixed my phone so from now on I use my Australian phone number :)

more pictures comes later!

Tonight it's partytime with my new friends :).. and at Saturday I'm gonna watch a football (soccer) match between Australia and Paraguay here in Sydney :)

See you :D

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ser på leiligheter!

Now it's only 54 days left till I'm going to fly down :)
And I've actually have started to look after an apartment for my stay down in Sydney (It would be great to have that cleared before I go down there, at least get some showings clear:p)

I also would search for some jobs, and maybe apply as well, but unfortunately that's not allowed because of the strict rules for work and holiday visums! (so I guess I just have to wait until I'm entering the beautiful country!

please give me some tips if someone know about some good, cheap places to live or if someone have an apartment they want to rent out from around the 10th of october!?
Some tips about sites I can find jobs and apartment would be great as well!

I just want to orientate myself before I'm going down.

Do you have any tips for me?

- Andy -

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My flights

my travel times are ready!

This is the flights down to Australia:

And this is the flights back home:

As you see, I'm going to stay around one week at Auckland, Honolulu and New York :)

And I have counted that I will be visiting 7 new countries :) (Belgium, Abu Dhabi, Australia of course, New Zealand, Fiji, USA (three places) and Island).. This is counted from the flights pit-stops. I'm only going to spend some nights in 4 of the places (Australia, New Zealand, USA (Hawaii and NY).

I'm traveling from Norway at my 21th birthday (4. of October), and I will be back in Norway at 27. of April

btw. I'm going to have my blogg in English from now on, because It will be good to practice some english before I'm traveling "down under".

- Andy -

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sunny 25 °C

Er nå ferdig med papirarbeidet i forhold til reisen, så nå er det bare å lene seg tilbake og vente på avreise :)

Har i da levert inn visumsøknad, bookingformular og alt det som trengs å levere inn før avreisen! (får bare satse på at jeg får innvilget visum da :p hehe)

Gleder meg sinnsykt til å reise ned og det er ikke mer enn 86 dager til avreise nå, reiser med andre ord mandag 4. oktober (på 21-års dagen min faktisk ;).. skal bli moro å få oppleve en annerledes bursdag feiret på flyet ned til Aussie-land, et sted som også blir kalt "down under".

Gleder meg til å gå på cowboyskole, dykke og ikke minst surfe der nede :D

Flyr da direkte fra Oslo til Sydney og blir der litt, før jeg også skal innom Perth en tur mot slutten av oppholdet (må jo få med meg en kamp eller to med West Coast Eagles som er favorittlaget mitt i AFL (Australian Football League).

Hjem igjen flyr jeg via Auckland (New Zealand), Honolulu (Hawaii) og enten New York eller Los Angeles (USA) (avhenger av om flyselskapet endrer noe på rutene sine som de kanskje skal gjøre). Moro skal det nok bli anyway :D

- Andy

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