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Bartending i Sydney!

Working a little!

sunny 25 °C


A while since last post, but I can't always be on the computer and update when it's so much to do around in Australia :p

In this post I'm only gonna tell about the work I've been doing since last time!

Since last time I'm been doing a lot!.. Been catching up with a lot of friends!..

Been to a party at Gabriel, Andrea and Camilla's place:
Me, Gabriel and some guys from India :p

I also been to the famous Palm Beach!.. better known as the beach from Home and Away!! ;D
Me and Benedicte in front of the beach :)

Went to a football/soccer game between Brisbane and Sydney (Brisbane won 1-0).. with Terry and Richie from England (the guys I was driving with from Mel to Syd. And guess what, it was onlyt 7500 people on the game :p.. Football/soccer is not a big thing over here!

I also went to the beach with Ida one day!.. Spent a whole day with her before she went back home to Norway!.. A great day :).. but sad that she left Australia :/

I also have been moving into my apartment on Bondi Beach ;).. and I love it here :D (pictures tomorrow)

This is places I've been working since last time:

Captain cook cruises (waiter and bartender)
Convention centre (waiter)
Luna Park (waiter)
Jay-Z and U2 concerts (Bartender)

Me working on the U2-concert :).. just next to the stage ;)

I'm just gonna tell about one of the workdays, since all the waitering work was only walking around with food and drinks on different christmas events!

It was fun everywhere, but the concert work was the best!
I worked there for two days. The first day I just pored beer into plastic cups in the busiest beer tent.
The second day I was kinda promoted to work in the Red zone (closest to the stage).. I started early and was just waiting in the bar when Bono just walked pass and said Hi to me, so I just said hi back, so that's my big meeting with the famous Bono :).. The same happened with Jay-Z, but I don't like him that much! (he was actually just the warm up for U2, since he isn't that famous in Australia like other places in the world).
I ended my shift when U2 come onto the stage (the bar I was working in had to be shut before they walked on stage so it was really busy and we was holding U2 behind, so they came 15 minutes late on the stage :p

Got work on NYE
I'm gonna work on New Years Eve know, but I'm working on a cruise boat in the Sydney Harbour, so I still gotta see the fireworks (since the fireworks is the only reason I'm still in Syd:)
And the wage on NYE is at $41.20, or around NOK 240!, so it's a lot of good money then :)

Funny Coincidents
I've been having some funny quincidents in the last couple of days! and one from Melbourne

1. Down in Mel. I was meeting four people who I went to surfcamp with!
2. I was on the beach when I suddenly met a girl I met in Byron Bay, Maike from Germany :)
3. I was working on the U2 concert and one of the other there was called Andreas as well, and guess what!.. He was from Norway as well :p (but from Trondheim).
4. I met a guy from Norway and Stavanger that was named Anders, but his last name was Berge, just like me!.. And we actually had been living on the same hostel for a while, and there the reception couldn't separate us :p
5. This is maybe the coolest one!.. I was just standing with Gabriel at the YHA in the city when some girls from Norway was coming in. Okey, they where from Norway, but it didn't stop there. They actually where from Tønsberg and actually from the same area where I've been living, Tolvsrød. One of them actually have been working for four years in the grocery store (Kiwi) just next to where I've been living, and I've been a lot in that store!!.. I've probably have seen her before :p.. But it actually doesn't stop there either!.. Guess what?!!!.. They actually are living down at Bondi also :D

So my point are: THE WORLD ISN'T THAT BIG AT ALL!!

I was btw. supposed to upload some pictures today, but something whent wrong, so I have to do it tomorrow instead!

(it's coming an update with only pictures tomorrow, and maybe a surprise on chrismas eve/day!)

- Andy -

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A great time in Mel!

but back in Syd.

sunny 25 °C

I was in Mel for three and a half week.
Down there I met some great guys from all over the world!
Germany, Canada, England, Australia and some other places :)
I also went to the Ice House down there and played Ice Hockey and Curling in there!
As I said in my last post I got myself work down there, but I quitted the work after a couple of days! It was not the kind of work you want!

An amazing day in Melbourne
I was walking past the MCG (Melbourne Cricket Ground) when suddenly I met some guys from melbourne (they where 49 years old).
They had an extra ticket to a cricket game between Victoria and Western Australia who I got. After the game we actually was allowed down to the field and I tried Cricket for my very first time. Read about Cricket: Cricket on Wikipedia It was fun to play, but a little boring to watch. After we had played for a while we also played some Australian Football (called Footy). Read about the game: Aussie Rules on Wikipedia
After a while playing we went to an pub and I got a free beer from them before we went to an restaurant and I got everything free there ass well :)
The guys had a reunion from High School Actually!

The great Ocean Road
I also went to the Great Ocean Road for a day!
Amazing places to be seen there! The twelve apostles, the blowhole, the grotto, London arch and much, much more.
You can read more about it here: The Great Ocean Road at Wikipedia

Trip back to Syd.
After a great time in Mel. I travelled with some guys from England up to Syd. again :)
It was a great roadtrip. We also travelled along the coast for a while, called the grand pacific drive, where you can find the Sea Cliff Bridge thats build on the sea cliffs.
We also went to a Buddhist Temple who is the largest Buddhist temple in the Southern Hemisphere.
Read about it here: Nan Tien Temple on Wikipedia

When I returned to Syd. I worked as a waiter on the convention Centre for a couple of hours, before I worked as a bartender at a Guns N' Roses consert the day after. Had great fun on both of them :)

Got an amartment
Yesterday I was walking all over Syd. to look at different places to live. Since the hostel-prices are crazy over Christmas and New Year I was looking for a place to stay over this time.
I got one space in a apartment I share with three other. The space is only available from 16th of Dec until 02th of Jan. So it's gonna be hostels before that! I'm gonna pay ($150 a week (900 NOK), but that's at least cheaper than in hostels).


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Melbourne :)

Finally got work

sunny 28 °C

After a great trip up the east coast I went down to Sydney again.
The trip back was really long. I took a overnight bus from Gold Coast and down to Sydney. The trip was supposed to take 14 hours, but half way the engine in the bus broke down, so we had to wait for two hours before we changed bus. So when we arrived in Syd we were almost three hours late.

On Tuesday 2nd of November I worked in Customer Service at the racecourse in Syd during the famous Melbourne Cup, The race that stops a whole nation. won $65 or 400 NOK there as well. I just bet $15 on the winner :)

Up and down
I actually won in the lottery down here as well. But they have separate lotteries in the different states. (I bought my ticket in QLD, but I have to collect the prize there as well, or I can send a Prize Claim form to the office to collect the prize).
The prize is on $50 or around 300 NOK.

Two weeks ago I was gonna take some money out from the ATM, but none of my card would work. This because Nordea had decided to upgrade something in the system. So then I had to walk around in the city until 2 PM before I finally could use my card and then check in at the hostel (because I needed to pay the accommodation I had to wait until the card worked again).

I also lost a piece of one of my fillings in my tooth, so I had to get to a dentist to fix the problem (it cost me $150, 900 NOK). The dentist I got was really good. He didn't
use any anesthesia at all and still I didn't feel a single thing when he was working (and he did it fast as well, he only used 5-10 min.)

On my last day in Syd I went to Manly, beautiful place, to visit a old friend from my job at ICA Maxi in Tønsberg. First time I've seen here in a couple of years. It's funny that we had to get to the other side of the world to get the chance to catch up.

I was in Canberra, the capital of Australia, last weekend. It was quite a large place, but it was really quiet there. On a Saturday night just a few people past me. The Hostel was really nice do, but a little more expensive than in Mel. It was a really interesting visit because I learned a lot about the Australian history.
(tell you more about Canberra later)

Me in front of the Parlament

The Beautiful Melbourne

Sydney wasn't the city I had imagine, so I travelled down to Mel
I'm not sure why, but I just didn't like Syd so much as I thought I would.
Mel I love so far. A lot of parks, it's clean, great people, the buildings not as high as in Syd either.
Met a lot of cool guys down here as well and also played football/soccer in the park the other day :)
So I think I will stay here for a while. Thinking of heading back to Syd or Byron for Christmas and New Years eve.

I also got work in Mel. I'm now working for EnergyAustralia. I'm just promoting the company. Had to sit trough a six hour long information training. After the training we got a test with 37 questions on. Guess what?.. I got 37 out of 37 :)
Yesterday was my first day (they call it the Fuck up day), but I did well, so today me and my team at work are going on a road trip up north close to the border to NSW. Gonna be fun and interesting (and after this week I will see if I want to continue working there or not).

btw: Mel is short for Melbourne!

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Amazing week :D

Surf Camp and further north :)

semi-overcast 25 °C

This week has been amazing!..
First I went on Surf Camp from Monday until friday!
We where four days at Seven Mile Beach (two hours drive south from Syd)
and the last day was in Byron Bay. We took an overnight bus from Syd. to Byron (12 hours trip).
After some days there I went to Surfers Paradise and Gold Coast today :)

Surf Camp!
Me surfing at Surf camp (I'm also giving one of the instructors high five)

Surf Camp was really great!
I've met a lot of people there (a lot from Netherlands, Germany and some other countries as well).
I learned to stand on the board and surf along the waves (both white and green waves). I've also learned how to make a surf check, about gentleman rules in surfing and a lot more!.. At surf camp I used a 8" soft board.. Loved the board :) (In Byron I tried a 7'2" hardboard. It was harder but I managed to stand on that board as well)
After four days there we went back to Syd. for pizza and beer at Scubar before some of us took the bus to Byron Bay!

Here's the easternmost point of mainland Australia!

When I arrived Byron I just sent Trine and Silje (the girls I got a great connection with back in Syd).. And guess what!.. They where in Byron as well, so we met there and where together for some days :D
When I was in Byron I took a day trip to a little town called Nimbin (It's the place of freedom and peace in Australia), A little Hippie town. Or it actually can't be called a city, because the whole city is only one small street).. But I liked it there. It was so relaxing there and great food as well!
But back to Byron! There I also meet some new friends from the wonderful country of Germany :)
Btw. Byron is the easternmost point of mainland Australia.


After some days in Byron I went further North and into a new state in Australia, QLD and the wonderful city called Surfers Paradise at the Gold Coast (It's actually are over 300 days with sun a year here).
It was around 75 min. with the buss from Byron, but It was one hour of time change because in NSW they use daylight-time and in QLD they don't use it!.. So now I'm only eight hours in front of Norway :p
I only have been in Surfers one day, but so far, I already love the place :D

(Picture from Surfers comes later!)

Syd = Sydney
Byron = Byron Bay
Surfers = Surfers Paradise
NSW = New South Wales
QLD = Queensland
Btw = By the way

- Andy -

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Bondi Beach :D

I've moved out to Bondi Beach for some days :)

semi-overcast 24 °C

Earlier this week I completed the NSW RSA course and can now sell alcohol to people here in Australia!
It was a six hour course but it wasn't to hard to complete. Here's some fact about the course:

I also went to a place called Sydney WildLife with Camilla were I saw some koalas and kangaroos and some other animals as well. Like a big Crocodile!
Here's some pictures:


At my last day in Sydney I went out to get a beer with one of my roommates. It was very nice. My roommate was from Colorado, USA and were on a vacation here. Very nice person.
Later the same evening I and Camilla went to a drag queen karaoke, It was really fun actually :p
I ended my day with Trine and Silje at our hostel. And since it was our last night together before we travelled by our self and their birthday are coming up soon I made a little surprise for them :)..
I bayed some baby-cupcakes, some birthday-candles, a beer and a little present for each of them. And yes, I think they was surprised ;)
They actually had bayed me a little present as well. It was really sweet of them :) It was some small shot glasses! (picture later)
A really great last evening in the city :D..
But it was sad to let them go away and it will be strange to not having them around and being their walking GPS :p.. I've just known them for one and a half week, but it feels like I've known them for many years already! but see you soon I hope :)
Miss you girls<3

Picture of Trine and Silje in front of Sydney :)

After over a week in the city I moved to Bondi Beach yesterday!.. It's much more relaxing here than in the city. And here they have their own time called Bondi time :p.. It's like African time. When they say 7 PM it's no worries if you arrive at 7.30 PM instead.
Yesterday I was just walking in Bondi and saw the place. I also went down to the beach for a swim in the ocean. it sound rare to say that I went for a swim in October, but here it's spring, and the summer are coming up in some weeks.
Yesterday it was sun and 30 degrees, and also 19 degrees in the water, so it was a wonderful day! I went to the beach and later I had to work from 4 PM until 9 PM. I worked at a private party at a penthouse near the beach!.. It was a really big and nice home! I worked with serving alcohol (beer, wine, champagne and some simple cocktails). Had a great time behind working there :)
I also meet some people from the UK, Germany, Italy, Canada and also some Norwegian as well. So when I was home from work we just relaxed and sat in the lounge talking to each other and ate dinner together! I ate Vegetarian Taco actually!.. It tasted really good as well!

Picture of Bondi Beach :)

But what about today?..
Today It was raining and I actually went surfing for my very first time!
It was really fun, but very hard as well, so it will be good with the surf camp next week :)
I also was in Bondi Junction to see the place!.. really nice there ass well!
At the end of the day I've been searching for apartments and jobs!.. also applied some places so we will see if I get the jobs or not!
I actually have aten vegetarian food today as wel (three days in a row now :p.. what's happening?.. I'm not sure, but it taste good, so why not? ;p
But, now it's out on a nightclub with some of the people I've met here in Bondi!


- Andy -

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