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Save a horse, ride a Cowboy!

far away from the civilization!

sunny 28 °C

The place in Leconfield, the day is monday the 17th of january and the weather is like always, sunny and warm! It's finally time for the thing I've been waiting for the last couple of weeks or should I rather say the last couple of months!, It's time for The Leconfield jackaroo & jillaroo 5 days cowboy school

The day before the day!
I left Syd. on Sunday and had a 6 1/2 hour bus-trip to a small inland city northwest from Syd. called Tamworth (Tamworth is also known as the country music capital and host the country music festival in january every year). The bus arrived there at 01:30 AM and we had a little walk to the hostel! (A friend of mine are working at the hostel there, Mariann, so I got to meet her again for the first time since october!

The day is here!
We was picked up outside the hostel at 9 AM and where ready to start the journey out to the real outback, but wait, first we had a couple of pit-stop: we went to a second hand store to by some cowboy-cloths and then of to the liquor store to buy some wine and beer for the evenings!
Now we where all set to go and the bumpy ride could begin.
After approximately 1 1/2 hour drive, most of it on a small, dirty road. We finally made it to our destination!

Bimboola, Leconfield

Let the fun begin!

We got one horse each! Based on our experience. My horse was named Blue Eye, since one of his eyes was really blue!

We learned a lot during the school!
- Natural Horsemanship and how to saddle and ride the horses. Also learning to shoe them and swimming with them
- Mustering sheep and cattle from the horseback
- Shearing sheep
- Calf wrestling
- Marking and castrating of calfs
- Using working dogs
- Whip-cracking and lassoing
- Fencing

A normal day at Leconfield

- Breakfast
- catch and saddle the horses
- Natural Horsemanship
- Lunch
- Riding on the horse
- Dinner
- Games and sleep

BTW: We where 13 people in the group at the farm!
The Netherlands: Anne-marie and Tomas
The Aussie: Eden
The American: Katrhyn
The Swedish girls: Frida and Veronica
The Danish: Lotte
And the Norwegian group: Annekari, Silje, Linda, Per, Øyvind and me.


Annekari cracking the Whip

Per with the lasso

Tim (the leader) and his horse

One of many dogs on the farm

Lumber-jack :p

mm.. Yummy!

Me and my new friend :)

Me and my horse, Blue Eye :)

Me and Blue Eye went for a swim

Me riding Blue Eye


Shearing a sheep

Learning about Natural Horsemanship


Our group

Tomas trying to catch a calf

Just catched a big calf to mark and castrate him!

I cacthed Øyvind with the lasso :p

Here's our beds

The Norwegian group :)

And last but not least, I've made a video from the week:)

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Cowboy :D

Hello Tamworth ^^

sunny 29 °C

It's time for the Cowboy-school tomorrow :D.. I've been waiting for this since I first landed in Australia in Oktober :)

I've bought myself a surfboard with cover and everything I need to become a pro surfer!
The surfboard is only 6 ft 2 inches tho, so It's pretty hard to stand on, but practice makes masters!

This is me in a couple of weeks ;)

Changes because of the flood:
I had to change some plans!.. I was actually supposed to take a train from Brisbane to Cairns, but since the flood broke down a lot of the railway I have decided to take a flight from Sydney to Cairns instead :)

Sydney vs. Manly!!
I were in Manly and tried the night life over there on Friday, It was an awesome night :).. Way better than the places in Sydney!
But yesterday was an awesome night as well, we started of in the Botanic Garden and free Mexican concert with a band called Los Lobos.

After the concert we went to Shark Hotel and had an amazing night there :)
I loved Manly, but had a great time in the city as well :p.. (Manly is way better than the city in the day at least, but the night life is the same, just depends who you're with!

1. I met a girl on the bus who was named Bronte!.. Her dad lives in Oslo, Norway (Tveita to be precise).. And she is going over to Norway to study there for a semester :)
2. I met a girl named Natasha down at Coogee beach (a friend of Marianne) and the thing is that one of my friends from Bjørknes is a good friend of her as well :p
3. I'm going on Cowboy school tomorrow and one other Norwegian girl named Linda, only met her once tho, but she is going at the same time as me :)

But I'm going to Tamworth soon, so cya

- Andy -

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Happy new year :)

sunny 27 °C

wow, it's a new year guys :).. 2011 is here and I celebrated NYE in Sydney watching the famous firework our the Harbour Bridge with 1.5 million other people from all over the world :D... Just one thing to say about it: It was amazing!!

Picture I took!.. Had a great view :D

A better pic. of the firework. Photo and Copyrights: The Sydney Morning Herald

Here is some videos of the firework as well:

9 PM family firework! Copyright: Channel 9 Australia

The real thing at midnight! Copyright: Channel 9 Australia

On NYE I went to the beach with a German friend of mine, Maike :D we was just lying in the sun and also went for a couple of swims in the water :)
After the beach I had to start working. Worked from 5PM until 2AM.. Worked on a Captain Cook Cruise Boat and got $41.20 p/h before tax!
I had an easy job there and was in charge of the VIP area on the top deck.. Almost nothing to do, just stood there and looked nice :p
And I also got to see the firework from an really, really good spot!

After work we got free beers on the boat and we were there until 6AM or something, before we went home to sleep for a bit. Watched the sunrise as well!

The days after NYE has been great as well!.. Moved out from my apartment tho and into a hostel instead for the last 10 days in Syd. Probably going to visit a friend in Manly next week or something as well :)..
Btw. I slept in a really nice bed from tuesday to wednesday!.. the bed costs $12.000, close to NOK 70.000!.. best bed I've ever slept in! (wonder why? :p)

I also have booked a bus from Syd. to Tamworth where I'm going on a cowboyschool, a train from Brisbane to Cairns where I'm going to dive in The Great Barrier Reef and a plain from Cairns and over to Perth where I'm gonna stay for my last two months in Australia :)

- Andreas -

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Christmas eve and the days after! :)

sunny 28 °C

Hoho!.. Merry Christmas!

Christmas eve was a bit strange this year!
I celebrated it with one Swedish, two Danish and two Norwegians on..... Wait for it!!...
On the famous Pizza Hut :P
The plan was actually to eat pork and have a traditional celebration on a Danish restaurant called Gourmet Viking, but unfortunately it was closed on Christmas Eve.
So in stead we took a buffet on Pizza Hut:

After the dinner we went back to the Danish' apartment and had a couple of beer before we where heading to a pub:

Christmas Day
on Christmas Day me and some friends just had an relaxing day in my apartment in Bondi and we took a little walk down to the beach as well!
It was a fun and really relaxing day with Turkey for dinner :)

The Ashes
On Boxing day it was the big Cricket Day here in Australia!
You can read about the game of Cricket here
Australia against England in the fourth Ashes Test!
You can read about the Ashes here
England got a big advantage after just the first day, when Australia only got 98 runs on their first innings. After four days play England retain the Ashes by 1 innings and 157 runs.
Read about the results here

Merry Christmas!

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As I promised!, here's some pictures!

sunny 28 °C

The Lighthouse in Byron Bay

Surfers Paradise *Gold Coast)

A little lizard

The War Memorial in Canberra

Me at the War Memorial

An unknown Grave

The Rose memorial wall

The Parliament Garden

The Botanic Garden



Melbourne by night

Tien Nan Temple

They made an O on the Harbour Bridge when Oprah Winfry was in town

The Olympic Park in Sydney

Christmas Three in Sydney

Birds outside my apartment

My first dinner in my apartment

This is just some few of over thousand pictures!.. More top come later!

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