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Bartending and surfing

sunny 35 °C

Loved the life in Perth!.. The few times I worked I worked with something fun as bartending and when I had the day of (pretty much all the time), I went to the beach or to the pool-area in the apartment :)

The place was Joondalup, Perth and the day was 6th of march!.. The big day was here, the day the big Future Music Festival was in town, and guess who was gonna work there!?.. Yeah, you might guessed right :p.. It was me!.. I continued my carrier as a bartender at Bar 1 (the bar closest to the main stage and maybe the busiest bar this day!.. I worked here for 9 hours and got to see Chemical Brothers, MGMT and Kei$ha live from VIP-spot :)
Here's some pictures from the festival (couldn't use my phone when I worked tho, so I only have a couple of shoots).

The bar I worked at :)

It was about 40 000 people in there!

The tip I got :)

Surfing and IKEA
My last week in Perth had come since I got myself a volunteer-position at a bike ride (more in next post).. So then I went surfing at Scarborough a last time :).. I finally managed to kind of control my board as well as making a couple of turns on the waves!
After the surfing I went up to Stirling and IKEA to meet Kjetil :).. We had a nice lunch with Meatballs here (or as we say it: Svenske Kjöttbullar) :p

Here's some pictures from Scarborough:

Btw. One thing I need to tell about is that I got a girlfriend now :)
I met a girl called Annah in Germany in September last year and then I met her again in Perth :).. She's from The States and Massachusetts, but lives in South Carolina :) <3
Here's a picture of her as well:

Now it's soon time for The Great WA Bike Ride :D

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Australia Rules Football

semi-overcast 32 °C

This Isn't a common sport for us in Norway. It still is some countries near us that has both organized and unorganized teams in this sport, and thats Sweden and Denmark. Even Finland and Iceland play this game, so Norway, we have to catch up here!
And guess what!.. It's actually European Championships in this sport as well as International Championships :)
Here's information from the EU CUP last year! And here you can read about the most recent International Cup.

In Australia the sport is big, in fact the biggest sport they have!
I'm not gonna tell all the rules and things now, but you can read everything on this site.

WCE stands btw. for West Coast Eagles. Here's their homepage btw.
WCE is based in Subiaco, Perth and plays at Paterson Stadium, or Subiaco Oval as it's now as. Or if we're gonna go further the nickname is Subi. The stadium changed name in October 2010.
WCE won the AFL league in 2006 and also the Grand Final the same year, but haven't managed to stay in top and last year they finished in last place.
Mark LeCras is my favorite player as well and he is the scoring leader for my team :D

But enough fact, let's go to my experience
I tried playing footy in Melbourne and I though it was really fun, and hopefully I can maybe learn it away in Norway :)

I also been to two matches, only in the pre-season NAB cup tho, but it still was fun!
The first match was between three teams: Hawtorn (Tasmania), Fremantle (WA) and West Coast Eagles (WA). They played only a half game against each other and WCE took the victory and got through t the quarter final. I also attended the quarter final against the new AFL team Gold Coast Suns (QLD) and once again WCE got away with the victory and through to the semi-final where they got up against the mighty Collingwood (VIC), last years premier champions. Unfortunately I couldn't attend the game since I had to work instead. But WCE played well, but lost at the end. Collingwood also won the NAB-final against Essedon (VIC)You can see all the results in the link above.
Now it's only two weeks until the AFL season starts and WCE are playing home against North Melbourne (VIC). I'm hoping I can attend the game, but since I'm going to volunteer on a bicycle race, I'm maybe a bit to late back in Perth to go to the game! I just have to cross my fingers for that the bus arrive back here before the match starts (gonna be close tho)

Here's some pictures from the matches I've been to:

Subiaco Oval / Paterson Stadium!

Inside the stadium 1 1/2 hour before the match

It was 25.000 spectators in the stands during the first NAB-Cup Match

The WCE team

A beautiful sunset during the quarter-final :)

Here's some videos from youtube as well:

The WCE anthem :)

A preview of the game!

Another preview of the game!

Enjoy and cya soon
- Andy -

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The west coast, Here I come :)

sunny 40 °C


The first ting I noticed in Perth was the big heat and the humidity!.. It was 35 degrees on my first day here, but I loved it :D
Perth is on the west coast of Australia and 1.6-1.7 million people are living here!.. that's around 70 % of the population of the whole of Western Australia. You can read more about the city of Perth on this site.

Me in front of the city

Hot, hot, hot
But I wanna go back and talk a bit more about the heat here!.. the first week it was from 30 to 40 degrees celsius every day and two weeks ago It managed to go past 40 and all the way to 42-43 degrees, that was way, way to hot for me!
It's actually been the warmest summer in Perth's history!

And if that's not enough the forecast have predicted a 38 degrees celsius next Thursday!
I like it :)

The day after I arrived in Perth a big Bushfire started just outside the city. You could even see the smoke from Kings Park and also from some of the buildings in the city.
On the night of 5 February 2011 a fire began to the east of Swan Valley when a tree branch fell on an electrical transmission tower, resulting in hundreds of people being evacuated.
The bushfire destroyed 72 homes and damaged 32.
you can see pictures from the fire here

The city
Perth is a warm and quiet place!
You have everything you need here. Everything from the Casino to the parks!
In perk you can also find the largest inner city park in the entire world, Kings Park (the park is actually Bigger than Central Park in NY as well).
But one thing is that Perth can be a bit boring after a couple of weeks, but then you have a lot of different suburbs that's worth a trip.
You have for example Fremantle, Scarborough Beach, Hillarys.
You also have Rottnest Island, a beautiful island just outside of Perth.

Here's some pictures of things in and around the city:

Memory place for the people that died in the war

The tree-top walk in Kings Park

The Big Screen shows free movies and it's also free wifi at this place

Chinese celebration

The Swan Bell Tower

London Court

Perth Town Hall

St. Mary's Cathedral Church! - Where old meets new! (one old and one new part of the church combined togheter)

Apartment and work!
I started of in Perth with three nights at some hostels, before suddenly everything was booked out, then I actually went to a friend I met in Melbourne (who's living here in Perth) and stayed at his amazing house for a couple of days before I actually got myself an apartment here!
Here's two pic. from my mates home!

Beautiful pool in the garden!

Got a king-size bed in my own room for a couple of days

Just a 10 minutes walk to the CBD and the free bus leaves just outside the apartment (all the busses are free here if you ride them inside the city). The apartment wasn't to expensive either whit NOK 750,- p/week. We got two jacuzzis, one sauna, two swimming pools and a games room with a pool-table and table-tennis.

I also got a couple of days with work this weekend!
Yesterday I worked as a stocker at Kings Park (Stocker is a person that sort out the drinks for the bar and prepare them for the bartenders).
Today i'm gonna work at Joondalup where we are gonna set up the bars.
And tomorrow it's the Future Music Festival, where I'm gonna work as a bar-runner or a bartender if you rather prefer that word :)

And at the 19th of March I'm probably gonna go on a ten days road trip as a volunteer on the 2011 Great WA Bike Ride!.. Then I'll get to see the south-west coast for free!

Two things has happened in Perth so far:
1. I was at the library one of the first days here and when I was walking out I met Linda, a girl I was at Cowboy-school with. (the same thing happened like 3-4 times at the same place) (Library is the meeting point here :p)
2. I was just sitting with some friends and had lunch outside woolworth (this was in my first week here as well).. But yeah, suddenly someone comes over, and it was Elisabeth (a girl I went to school with last year).

But, now it's of to work, so cya ^^
- Andy -

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Yasi on it's way!

- The cyclone hits!

storm 25 °C

As the headline is telling you, a cyclone threatened Australia!
The cyclone was named Yasi and it was an category 5 cyclone!.. It was supposed to be just as strong as the Hurricane Katrina that Florida experienced in 2005.
They said that the eye of the cyclone had enough energy to give power to the whole earth for a year. And the Cyclone was the most dangerous cyclone ever to hit Australia.
But first thing first!, What is a cyclone?
read the link above for english explination or for Norwegian read this link instead: Tropisk syklon.

The stores was empty for water, bread and meat the day before, since they had to prepare for the cyclone.

To prepare for the cyclone they taped the windows.

The day before the cyclone was supposed to hit I went out to an pub with a lot of people from the hostel. We called it the Cyclone party ;)..
We had a great time and had really fun!
The cyclone-party.

The day after, we got waken up at 6 AM in the morning by the alarm in the hostel!.. It was time to get a cyclone-briefing. We got the choice between staying at the hostel or go to an evacuation centre. I wasn't sure about what I wanted to do, since the hostel was one of the safest buildings in the whole of Cairns. After a little while I decided to join most of the guys and go to an evacuation centre (though it would be a fun experience). The evacuation centre was a shopping centre just 10 minutes outside the CBD. 2000 people was packed in the place so it was hard to find a spot to sit. They also had to refuse entry after a while since they couldn't fit anymore people inside!
This was actually the first time they ever have been evacuated Cairns because of a cyclone.

It was a huge line outside the evacuation centre.

Inside the centre.

We got ration packs as food :p Here is me, Jannah (a dutch girl)

It was a beautiful rainbow outside before the cyclone hit.

When the cyclone hit we I couldn't even tell, just heard a bit stronger wind than usually, but nothing dramatic. I actually slept pretty good as well :)
Btw: I got interviewed by Channel 7, Channel 9 and Ten about the cyclone :p

The day after
After a long 24 hours we could finally get back outside and back to the hostel!
But the thing was that was no taxies running in the morning so we had to ask someone else for a ride, then a lovely lady showed up and gave us a ride all the way back.
When we arrived at the hostel Me and Charlie (A guy from the UK) took a little trip down to the bay and just looked at the damages! I also went down a second time with Marco (A guy from Germany).. But unfortunately all the damage we could find was some broken threes and nothing else :/.. Got a little disappointed there.
The eye of the cyclone didn't hit Cairns, and we got really lucky about that!.. Saw some pictures from Tully, Cardwell,Innisfail and Mission Beach were the eye hit, and the pictures wasn't good. Big, big damages!
Watch the damages on this side: Yasi makes a mess

A broken tree after the cyclone.

The bay the day after.

Dancing in the rain
The wind was pretty strong the day after as well and after a while it started raining!
That's when we went out to have some fun:

Fun in the rain!

Marco takes a shower!

We went outside and took a shower, danced, went to the pool and just had fun in the rain :)
btw: When I listen to the radio afterwards they were talking about us!
Cairns and some other places was effected by a heavy rainfall after the cyclone and it was one of the biggest rainfalls in Cairns' history with more than 260 mm. of rainfall between 9 AM and 11 PM, while it was a rainfall of 56 mm. between 7 and 8 PM.
Some of the cities south of Cairns got flooded as well. Especially in Townsville.

But enough of the dramatics. In the evening we had to celebrate and had our after-cyclone party:

We're Having fun after the cyclone at Corona Backpackers (here we're playing the amazing spoon-game :D)

After-cyclone party at Gilligans :)

A last meal with my cyclone-family from Corona Backpackers at Woodshed before we left Cairns!

The family at the hostel consisted of two finish girls; Anna and Julia, two dutch girls; Jannah and Jorien, two german guys, Marco and Arne, some german girls; Lena, Theresa, Kathrin, and one english guy; Charlie.
(hope I didn't forgot anyone, then please let me know)

Facts about the Yasi
Formed: 26 January 2011
Dissipated: 3 February 2011
Highest winds:
10-minute sustained: 205 km/h (125 mph)
1-minute sustained: 250 km/h (155 mph)
Gusts: 285 km/h (180 mph)
Lowest pressure: 929 mbar (hPa; 27.43 inHg)
Fatalities: 1 indirect
Damage: $3 billion (2011 USD) (Confirmed; full total likely higher)
Deaths cost: only 1 man
Areas affected: Solomon Islands, Vanuatu, Papua New Guinea, Queensland, South Australia, New South Wales, Northern Territory and Victoria

On this side you can compare the cyclone to every country in the world, just scroll all the way down.

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Under the water!

- I went diving in the Great Barrier Reef

semi-overcast 27 °C

A month ago I started my dive-course at Pro Dive Cairns.
I already booked the course from Norway and was excited and ready to get under water :)

But First I'm gonna tell a bit from the trip up to Cairns!
In an earlier post I was telling you that I had to change my plans and take a flight to Cairns instead, but guess what?!.. The trains started running again two days before mine was supposed to leave.
But the thing was that I went down to Sydney after the Cowboy-school (mostly because I left some of my baggage at some friends there).. So I had to take a night bus from Syd. to Brisbane! It was a painful trip up to Brisbane and when I passed Byron Bay I really wanted to jump of and visit Trine and Silje :).. but I couldn't since I had a train to catch. I also wanted to jump of in Surfers as well, but Managed to get through there as well and finally arrive in Brisbane :).. Brisbane was a nice and quiet place, but didn't like it to much, and good was it, since I only spent one day there.

Just a picture of Brisbane!

The Train
The train trip is supposed to be one of the 25 best train trips in the entire world and it's called The Sunlander. But how good can really a train trip get??.. It wasn't as good as I though it should be, but what can you expect of a train!?.. Not to much. But happily the train had a bar and a restaurant, so spent some hours there. But it was also a good way to see the Australian nature since the train went both inland and close to the sea sometimes! After 33 hours on the train I finally arrived in Cairns.

Cairns was a beautiful place but could be a bit boring after a few days!
The only thing missing there was a beach, instead they had made a pool with grass and sand around, not the same thing!

And I also got to meet Jonas and Benedicte again, since we stayed there at the same time :)
Jonas, Benedicte and me :)

But enough about that, no it's time to get wet!
Yes, you guessed right, I was talking about the scuba diving. The course was thorugh the PADI system!
We started up with two days training in the pool and the classroom.
Here we learned all the theoretically and how to use out gear.
What do you you need to dive?
You need of course the knowledge of how to act and prepare yourself under water, but you also need some gear:
Diving equipment
Scuba dive set

Copyright: LeisurePro's Aquaviews (an online scuba magazine)

We had a really small group of only six people, but after the medical test one of the persons didn't pas, so we where only five left, Matt, Chris, Ryan, Signe and of course me. Our dive-instructor was from New Zealand and was named Perry!

After the training on land we finally got to the boat. We had a 3 hour long boat trip out on the reef before we finally arrived at a place called Milln reef on the edge of the Great Barrier Reef.
After the ride we got ready for our first dive!
We had to do 4 dives to become certificated Open Water Divers!
After the 4 dives we got the opportunity to take an adventure course as well and guess what, I did it! :)..
To become an certificated Adventure diver you had to do a night dive, a deep dive (down to 30 meters) and a optional dive (photo, video, naturalist, navigation and many more). I chose the photography dive :).. And here's some of the pictures I took:

Me as a silhouette in front of a beautiful sunset at the Great Barrier Reef :)

I'm preparing my dive-gear.

Nemo or a Clovn fish. (Everyone probely know this one from the movie Finding Nemo).

A Trigger Clovn fish

I have no idea what this one is, I just know it have to be really good at hide and seek :p
Apparently it's some kind of Goby, but I'm not sure about which one! (thanks to Signe) :)

Me under water :p

All the underwater pictures are taken with a shitty Canon camera that didn't cooperate with me (and since the flash didn't work the picture didn't turn out as good as they could be :p)

Night and Deep dive
These two dives was the best dives!
On the night dive we jumped in the water and when we looked around we saw 4-5 Grey reef sharks around us! I also got to see the Spotfin Lionfish (a fish I wanted to see for a long, long time)
The deep dive was also fun and we I got all the way down to 29.4 meters and saw a lots of cool fishes!

The fun thing before and after a dive is actually to calculate which pressure group you are in and things like that!
I also learned to recognize some fishes after a while, thanks to Signe. She had to much knowledge about fishes, at least if you compared to me!

Some facts:
The longest time I was under water/the longest dive I had: 51 minutes
Maximum depth on my dives: 29.4 meters
water Temp.: 28-30 degrees Celsius
Number of dives: 9

After the diving we went back to the city and had an evening out together:

A tradition at Pro Dive is to get one person to make a sound through this Didgeridoo :p, and as you see, I was the person who did it ;)

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