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Aloha Paradise :D

- I've arrived in Hawaii

rain 30 °C

I took the flight from New Zealand to Fiji, where I had a stopover for 6 1/2 hours, so what can you do at the airport then?

Hit the beach
I didn't want to be stucked at the airport for that long, so I decided to get out of there and in to the town, beach and explore a bit of Fiji as well. I met a guy from the states on the airport, so we decided to take a taxi together from the airport to Nadi town. Unfortunately since it was a sunday everything in the city was closed, so then we decided to drive to the beach, but then guess what. It started to rain, and it was pouring down, so we decided then to go to a place called Port Denarau and se the harbor there, do some souvenir shopping and have a beer. We stayed there for a couple of hours before we went back to the airport and continue the travel. My impression of Fiji is that they are way to friendly. Yeah, it's actually possible to be to friendly, because then you start kind of pushing other people. But still I really want to go back there and explore the real Fiji, which in to go to the smaller Islands.

Hard Rock Cafe at Port Denarau, we where at a pub next door

Beautiful sunset at Port Denarau

And then some other pictures I found on internet from different places in Fiji (just to show you how beautiful it is there) :)

Back in time
I left Fiji with the plane at 10 PM, but guess what, when I arrived in Honolulu, Hawaii the time was 7 AM in the morning. Doesn't sound to special, but the special thing is that it was the same day and I got a second sunday. This is because I crossed the time-border from the easternmost point of the world and got into the westernmost point in stead. So the time difference between Fiji and Hawaii is 22 hours.
Honolulu is the most known place in Hawaii and it's located on the island Oahu. This is also where you find Pearl Harbour. Waikiki is the place I was staying at and yeah, you could tell that it was a big tourist place. High hotels, a lot of restaurants, souvenirs and people all over the place.

Relax or maybe not
I thought I was gonna relax and just be at the beach the whole time, maybe surf a bit as well in Hawaii, but when I planned what to do there it ended up with a lot to do and only one relaxing beach-day.

Rainforest, waterfalls, North shore, Polynesian Cultural Centre, Dolphin-trip, hula and ukulele-lessons, volcano-craters and a couple of long hikes is some of the things to summary my week in paradise. But it's all coming up in the next two posts.

So then it's just one thing to say and thats Aloha!
- Andy -

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Volcanoes, hobbits and beautiful landscape!

- Thats three word to describe my trip in New Zealand!

overcast 20 °C

I managed to do a lot in just a couple of days in New Zealand and had a great time there!


Sky Tower!

On my last days in Sydney I started to get a little cold and it just got worse in New Zealand the first days! (I probably got it because of the weather-change from Perth to Sydney, going from 40 to 20 degrees probably shocked my body a bit). So since I tried to recover the first days in Auckland I stayed a lot inside the hostel and planned what to do as well as a couple of walks just around to see the city.
Auckland is called the city of sails, so you should expect it to be a beautiful place, but it's not! The best thing here is to get out of the city and see the nature!


Countdown to the Rugby World Championship later this year!

That's the place I really wanted to visit while I was in New Zealand, so I went on a trip 3 1/2 hour south of Auckland and to a town called Matamata.
The Auditions for Lord of the rings was held on the High School in this town and you had to be under 160 cm. to be a hobbit, while you had to be above 190 cm. to be an elf.
On a farm outside Matamata you find a place called Hobbiton and this is where all the hobbits live in the movies. They used 9 months to build the place, filmed there for 3 months, while only 20 minutes from the place is shown in the movies.
They are currently renovating the place to be ready to film the two hobbit movies.
You can read more about the place if you press on the under title.
Enjoy the pictures from Hobbiton:

Matamata, home of Lord of The Rings

At Hobitton

The bus we took to the set


Beautiful Hobitton :)

A hobitthole


Me in front of Hobitton

Me in front of a hobbithole

Me in front of Frodo's house

A lamb we met right outside Hobitton

A long, long time ago Auckland was a place with a lot of volcanoes and volcanic outbursts. Now in these days you can go around and take a look at the old Volcano craters around in the city and I went to two of them, Mt. Eden and Mt. Victoria as well as the place which is called the 360 view.
In Auckland I also went on a coast to coast hike from the south to the north in the city, and the walk is going over Mt. Eden volcano crater and also through some other beautiful places. The hike is on about 10 miles or 16 km. but it's worth to do.
I also went on a dinner cruise in the harbor and saw the sunset (unfortunately the sunset was terrible tho :/

A beach on the way to Mt. Victoria

View from Mt. Victoria

Mt. Eden crater

My next destination!

Nice school!

A church at the central university campus!

The War Memorial


Well that's it from New Zealand and my next stop is in Paradise, so cya there ;)
- Andy -

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Last week in Australia!

- I'm soon leaving the wonderful country!

overcast 20 °C

I've just got back to Perth and only had a couple of days left there before I was heading back to Sydney where I was flying out of!

Penguin Island
The day after I returned to Perth I went for one last surf early in the morning at Scarborough, and the surf was actually really good :)
Later on the same day I decided to do some suburb visits. So then I first went down to Freo (Fremantle) and had a look around there, then I headed down to Rockingham to go to Penguin Island!
Rockingham beach!

Penguin Island is an little Island just 700 meter off shore from Rockingham. Here you actually can walk the whole way out to the island on the shallow water there!
I did this, and I founded it pretty exciting! Took me about 15 min. tho, but it was well worth it! You can actually take a boat out as well, but I didn't do it!
The Island it self was pretty, but not to many penguins to spot, mostly seagulls.
Some pictures from Penguin Island:

After my visit at Penguin Island I went down to Mandurah and had a look around there as well as a dinner!
And after a long day around I finally went back into town to relax a bit.
(But guess what! I only paid $9 for all the transportation I had this day!)

Back to the east
The day was there, the day I was going back to the east-coast and Sydney, where I was spending my last days in Australia!
Had the plane early in the morning, but due to thunderstorms in Sydney we had to make a detour down to Melbourne, where we had to wait for about 4 hours before we finally could get back on the plane and get up to Sydney.

In Sydney I just met some friends again and hanged out with them. And I also had to close my bank-acounts and try to sort out my taxback.

Blue Mountains
One thing I was missing to do in Sydney was to go out to the Blue Mountains (one of the top 10 things to do in Sydney). In stead of taking a tour for $100, I only paid $10 to take the train and bus out there! And yeah, it was really beautiful as you can see on the pictures bellow:
Here's some pictures from Blue Mountains:

After I was finnished I found a pub to watch The Eagles win against Port Adelaide in the AFL before I headed back into town to meet some friends for my last night in Australia.

Cya in New Zealand :)
- Andy -

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The Great WA bike ride part 2

The adventure continues!

sunny 35 °C

As I said in the previous post I went down south-west on a bike-ride and here's the rest of the story!

Rest, what's rest?
Good morning :).. It was time for a rest day in beautiful Margaret River.
I think I misunderstand the point of a rest day. The thing was that I though it would be nice with a day at the beach and it also would be nice to walk down there!. So instead of taking the shuttle bus I went for a little walk. It was only 10 km. down, but then I went all the way to the south side of the beach and walked the beach all the way to the north end. It probably ended up to be around a 15 km. walk in the end.
When I finally arrived at the north end I found Jennifer (Jen) and Vanessa (the american girls from last night). I then joined them and lied down next to them for a while before we took the shuttle back to the camp.
The walk was actually really nice and I got to see some beautiful nature as well as a wild kangaroo.
Later the same day I went to play some footy with Cameron :)..
So, I'm not sure how much rest I got tho :p (but at least I got some nice pictures).

Margaret River (where the river starts!

Surfers Point (awesome waves here)

The beach!

Dunsborough and Busselton
Dunsborough was a nice place with a beach (where I walked around 200 meters of shore in the water (the water got up to my belly, but not above). It wasn't much to do there so just walked around in the city and yeah, didn't do to much.
Busselton was kind of similar to Dunsborough, but here the campsite was closer to the beach as well :).. I went for a run on the jetty before I went for a dip in the water. Later on we all went down to the beach and went for a swim. Suddenly Paul (one of the riders which become a good friend) started to swim to a buoy and yeah, of course we had had to follow him out. (it was a long swim out there and back) :p..

The beach in Busselton

The jetty in Busselton!

Later on at the night we where a group that was going to the pub to watch the season opening in the AFL between Carlton (Cameron's team) and Richmond. We had a couple of beers and enjoyed the match. Unfortunately I was so tired that I felled asleep :p.. Anyway Carlton won the game :)

Surprise and oversleeping
We got to a place called Ballingup. A small, small place with almost nothing to do in. I went for a little walk, just to explore a bit. I then found a horse close to the camp and though about Jen straight away (I knew she loved horses so I went to her tent and said I had a little surprise for her) ;p.. And yeah, It was a surprise that she loved as well :)
Jen and the horse:

Later the same day me and Paul went to the Bottle-O to buy some beers and wine. We got a lot of people joining us up in a small park (or more just a piece of grass). Here we sat and socialized.

Shanna joined the local dancers (not completely voluntarily tho) ;p

The morning after I managed to oversleep with a hour, so I got late to work, but it was actually more fun than bad :p

An early morning
We got to a place called Nannup where we spent the last night. Me and Jen startet a little water-fight here :p (It was actually really nice, since it was so hot out). Anyway since I oversleeped last night I decided to get an early start the next day, so I was at work one hour before start :p (It was nothing to do tho, so had a long breakfast instead). It was just the Principe to get up earlier.

Finished :/
It had all come to an end :/.. It was sad to say goodbye to people, Shanna, Alexia, Cameron and all the other, but I hope to see everyone again some day :).. I took the bus back to Perth with Jen and Vanessa and I went to Subi where I had to say goodbye to them as well :/ before I went to watch the season start for The Eagles :) (and I got there 2-3 min. before bounce off).. It was a tight game but The Eagles took the victory at the end :) And the atmosphere there was just unbelievable!
btw: I also joined The Global Eagles (The Eagles overseas fan-club).

The stadium was packed with over 35.000 attending!

The mascot was dancing in the break!

- Andy -

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The great WA bike ride part 1

Ready for action :)

sunny 33 °C

As the headline says, this post gonna be about a bike ride! It wasn't only a bike ride, but it was a week in another world! (that was also the motto of the ride).
This was a bike ride where I was a volunteer and helped with the luggage!

The day is here!
Finally it's time!.. The day I've been waiting for the last weeks!.. Time to hit the road and lay the civilization behind me. Yeah, the time was come to get down to the south-west of Australia.
At first it was a four hour bus ride down to Manjumup where the ride started. But wait a minute, all the volunteers had to take another bus to a small place called Pemberton where we was gonna sleep). It wasn't the most comfortable sleep tho, but not to bad either! We all got provided with food and a tent to sleep in). And it was a big mission to find the tent from site to site!

The Campsite!

The ride begin!
After a cold night it was time to start the race! I was working in the luggage-team so I had to make my way back to Manjimup and the start-line there.
Working with the luggage wasn't that hard as you could think!.. You stand on top of the truck and the riders have to carry the luggage up and put it down in the truck (you just point where you want the bags). When the trucks was filled up we had to drive to the next site and wait until noon before we started unloading (The reason we wait until noon is that the camp-site doesn't open for the riders before that, and we want as many riders to help us with the unloading). Unloading is the hard part of the work: I was usually in the truck and I had to chuck down the bags to a rider standing on the ground (all the riders made a long line and passed the bags down to the end of the line). I basically lifted around 300-400 bags a day on just unloading (maybe more) (each bag was between 10 and 20 kg, so now you can count how many kg I lifted each day). But the good thing was that we where finished before 1 PM each day, so then I had the rest of the days of :)

The Luggage truck ready to go!

The dinner-area!

My team
We where 4 on my team plus the team-leader and the truck-drivers. We had to amazing girls from France on the team <3.. Alexia and Shanna (also called: the frenchies). We had the Aussie, Karen and me, a shy boy from Norway :p
The awesome team-leader was Cameron from Melbourne :)
The Frenchies :)

Cameron (Team-leader) and Skuzz (the truck-driver)

Okei, you maybe wondering what footy have with a bike ride to do?!.. But the thing was that I was a bit bored at the ride! (since I finished early and usually was just sitting in the truck with my team-leader and basically did nothing, I decided to go down to the sports-shop and buy an Aussie Rules football so we could kick a bit).. This was in Margaret River where also our rest-day was. So Me and Cameron went down to get a ball and then went to an oval (a footy-ground) to kick some goals. This was actually only the second time I've played footy, but I learned a lot from Cameron (how to kick properly and later on I also learned how to control the ball with bouncing). From this moment on footy became a daily ritual for me. The good thing was that we usually camped at an oval, so as soon as we got to a site or finished packing up at a site I had a couple of kicks at the goal-posts.

Rest-day eve was up and it was time for the pirate-party. Some of the volunteers had dressed up and some had not. We had some beers at the portable bar that followed us around from site to site. I also showed my juggling skills and bartending skills :p (but a french guy was way better to juggle than me). After a couple of beers there we tried to get together so people to get down to the pub in town and we managed to get a couple down. Down with us came to american girls (one from Vancouver, Canada and one from Cincinnati, Ohio, USA) that become really good friends afterwards.
After a big night out we went back to the camp and tried to find our tents. That's a bit hard because it is 50 orange tents that exactly the same (and in the dark, it's even harder)

Jen, Mable and Vanessa :)

contiunes in next post...

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