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Up in the air in Taipei

Taipei 101, the zoo and Maokong Gondola.

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For the last couple of days of the trip in Taiwan we went to the capital, Taipei.

After checking in at the hotel (An amazing hotel called K-Hotel Taipei 1), we went to Taipei 101.

Taipei 101 was the highest building in the world from 2004 and until Burj Khalifa opened in Dubai in 2010.
Now Taipei 101 is the fourth highest building in the world. 508 meters tall.

The Taipei 101 also conclude the worlds largest wind damper.

It was a great 360° view over Taipei city.


The second day it was time for the Zoo.

The Taipei Zoo is the largest zoo in Asia and you can see animals from all over the world there.

Here's some of the animals:


After the visit in the zoo, we went over to Maokong Gondola.

The Gondola runs between the zoo and a small place called Maokong. The 4.3 km line has four stations.

You get an amazing view from the gondola and when you arrive in Maokong you're almost 300 meters over the sea.


Monday evening we are going back home to Norway.

See you back in Norway :)


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