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Kenting, the party-town

It was time for a relaxing and fun time down south.

semi-overcast 29 °C

Monday the 1st of April we went down to the south of Taiwan. More precise: to Kenting.

The center of the town is just one single street. With stores, restaurants and bars on both sites. Behind one of the sides it’s the beach and ocean, while the mountain lies on the other side.

It’s a really relaxing and quiet town during the day, but when the sun leaves the town wakes up.
So we actually made our own homemade Risk-game ;)


The night market is located in the street, and you have a lot to see on both sides of the street.

But as the title says. It’s a party-town. Some of the bars is even made from a van.


We went for dinner at a Mexican restaurant called Smokey Joe’s (great food and atmosphere), before we went to a bar called Golden Beach Pub.


The Golden Beach Pub was a great bar. They had food, drinks and even live entertainment. For an example some great singers from the Philippines.

We got to meet and talk for a while with one of them, Akio Aiko.

A beautiful, charming, easygoing and joyful girl :)

Mag-ingat, Akio (Tried to write "take care" in your language, but don't know if it's right tho) ;p


And did you know? In Philippines they start learning English when they are young, just like in Norwa,, and the prices there are even lower than in Taiwan. Only 1 NOK for a coke, too take an example ;)

Next post will be about the capital, Taipei ;)

See you soon ;)


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