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"Luxury" in Kaohsiung

We live in "luxury" in at Hans Sigmunds uncle in Kaohsiung, Taiwan.

semi-overcast 28 °C


We arrived in Kaohsiung the 22nd of March.

Here's 3 pictures from the place we live: (Much better than expected)


About Taiwan and Kaohsiung:

The food, the culture, the traffic and more is very different to what we're used to in Norway.

For breakfast, lunch and dinner it's been different every day, but I've tried a lot of new things.

And What have been the best food so far you may ask?

- The Dumplings are really good, but the best must be something called "balzu" (I have no idea how to write the word, but it taste really good).

Kaohsiung is a really convenient city. Except the traffic tho.

It doesn't actually seems like it's any rules in the traffic. Everyone just crossing lanes, scooters driving at red lights, u-turns in the middle of the street and parking wherever you can fit the car, is just a couple of things.

And one thing. This is scooter-land :p.. It's about 15 million registered scooters i Taiwan (per 2011).


One day we went with the ferry to a peninsula (took about 10 minutes), and later on we went back to the main land and up to the mountain. There we got a beautiful view of the city and the surroundings.


And guess what!? They actually started blocking the road one day. Just because they wanted to fire up some fireworks (movie will be out later, but here's some pictures in the meantime).


I also have to say that the prices here are to laugh of :p

30 NOK for a dinner with something to drink. Breakfast or lunch for 10-20 NOK, and you can get clothes from as low as 10 NOK and up. Only cameras are more expensive in Taiwan than Norway.

And at last I need to say! I love the weather in Kaohsiung. 25-30 degrees with some semi-overcast. It's some humidity as well, but not as bad as I expected, so all good so far ;)

That's all for this time. Next post will be about Hualien and our time in the east of Taiwan :)
Stay tuned!

// Andy

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