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Finally in Taiwan

Friday morning (local time) I finally arrived in Taiwan.

sunny 30 °C

After a night at an airport-hotel I finally managed to get onto my flight to Taipei (Taiwan).

It were scheduled to leave Amsterdam Wednesday 20th of March at 20:45, but ended up to be 16 hours late.

First at 12:45 at Thursday the airplane left Amsterdam.

With free bar at the airplane I worked a bit with some articles as well as watching some movies.

Friday morning at 07:30 (local time) I arrived in Taipei (Taiwan).

After arriving in Taipei the travels continued down to Kaohsiung with bus from the airport to Taoyuan high speed rail station.

From there I took the train down to Kaohsiung and arrived at my final destination at 11:30 (local time).

I've already had my first lunch in Taiwan. Dumplings, taiwanese pancake, chicken with stir fried rice and vegetable soup. It was very good ;)

BTW. The time in Taiwan is GMT+8, so I'm 7 hours in front of Norway.

(Pictures to come later)

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