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Paris – The city of love

A well-known destination is first out in AKB News’ travellers’ column. Namely, the city of love, Paris.

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Paris, France’s capital is located next to the river Seine, north in the country. The city is divided into 20 arrondissements or districts. Within this area there are more than two million citizens, but if you count all the suburbs as well, you get a population of about twelve millions.

It’s few places in the world that get more tourists yearly than Paris, and the reason isn’t too hard to understand. It’s a fascinating world metropolis which offers an ambiance that makes it easy to fall in love with. Charming sidewalk restaurants located around the many boulevards, the stimulating café life, the cities many sights and museums with interesting art, a vibrant street life, and much more, are making the city one of the leading options for a big city trip.

La Mère Catherine is a cozy and popular restaurant next to Sacrè Coeur. The prices are maybe a bit stiff, but the food is incredible good. You get a wide variety of courses to choose from. Everything from pasta, pizza, meat, fish to a simple salad. Get a glass of French wine with some pasta or something. And you got to try the Crème brûlée. It’s heavenly.

Sacrè Coeur

Cultural activities:
You got a wide selection of cultural activities to choose from. Notre Dame, the Luxembourg Palace, the Eiffel Tower, Versailles, Sacrè Coeur, the Arc de Triomphe, the Champs-Elysées and the Latin Quarter are some of the famous places you can visit. The Eiffel Tower is probably the must see place in Paris. You can’t leave the city before you’ve been here. It can be a long queue to visit the tower, but the tower have several entrances. If you want to skip the biggest line, you can spend some extra euros and get the elevator to the second floor.

The Eiffel Tower

Of the museums you got the Musée d'Orsay, Musée de l'Armée in the Invalid Dome and the Pompidou Centre. And of course you got the world-famous Louvre museum. Louvre is very large, and you have to spend a long time to see everything. Be careful and don’t get lost. Remember to bring a map or watch for the signs to find your way around.

I would also recommend a tour at the Pompidou Centre. From the top you have a wonderful view over the city from all sides. In addition, there’s a museum with paintings and sculptures from all over the world. It’s mostly modern art here, but you also find the proportion of older stuff. Edward Munch's paintings have been exhibited here, among other things.

Notre Dame

There are plenty of dinner options here. Italian, French, Spanish, American, English and much more. But a place I would recommend is the Happy Days Diner. It’s an American restaurant that’s based several places in the city. You can get burgers, pizzas, bagels and more. In addition, they have great milkshakes. I can recommend this place just for the milkshakes.

Hitting the town:
I want to highlight a place called Café Oz. It’s a pleasant Australian bar. They have live music, live sports and imported beer from both Australia and New Zealand. The wooden tables here make it reminiscent of a typical pub in the outback of Australia. Nice bartenders who speak both English and French, so the language barrier shouldn’t be a problem.

Café Oz

Night food:
You might think of a kebab, burger or something similar. You got MC Donalds, KFC and other food chains several places. But if you want to try something different, you can buy a pancake or crepes as it’s called there - with Nutella, banana or other fillings. Incredibly good and I can recommend it strongly.

The hangover day:
You may not bear long days at the museum the next day. But why don’t take a trip to one of the many parks they have. For example: the Luxembourg Gardens. It’s a beautiful park. Relax here for a while to gather some strength for what may come later.

Luxembourg Gardens

How to get there?
The cheapest way is to take RyanAir from Oslo. But then you’ll fly early in the morning and at the same time you’ll arrive more than an hour north of Paris itself, in a small town called Beauvais. - However, it’s simple and cheap to get to Paris from here.
Do you want to land as close as possible to the city of Paris in stead? Then you can either take SAS, Norwegian or KLM-Air France, all of which has daily direct flights from Oslo to the main airport in Paris, Charles de Gaulle.

You have lots of small hotels in the side streets, or you have a bunch of hostels as well. If you’re searching a bit around, you can quickly find a cheap and nice bed and breakfast accommodation. One thing to remember is that it’s not easy to figure out where things are located in Paris. But the public transport here is very good, and it's easy to get into town if you choose a hotel located just outside the city center. You also have a number of Bed & Breakfast deals.

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